Systems Creation and Administration

Focus on your work, leave all the server management, performance, security, updates and customization of services to us according to your needs. We offer you the possibility to have a personal server (or a cluster), fully managed by our systems administrators, with high performance and low cost.

Time is money

Why choose a sys-Admin solution

Because you would have a team of systems engineers dedicated to your company and one or more servers dedicated to your business 24/7, at an absolutely competitive cost.
Managing everything "at home" or relying on companies with the aim of aggregating the largest number of customers inevitably causes high costs and bad services provided to customers.
sys-Admin is a service that allows you to have a server managed only with the real features necessary for your business which translates into performance, reliability and lower management costs.


The service is created according to real needs and not "burdened" by unnecessary processes or frameworks.


The service is provided and sized to obtain the best final performance for the entire system, no more latency.


The service is protected by around 15 low-level security frameworks, from DDos to HTTP hack bot search: complete protection.


sys-Admin is the perfect quality / price ratio that allows your company to have customized systems, always online, safe and performing.

Geolocated by Hive

Choose the most appropriate data center

We offer the possibility to geolocalize the service in the part of the world that best suits your needs or to connect multiple services between them.

  • Switzerland70 Gbit/s
  • Germany180 Gbit/s
  • United States180 Gbit/s
  • Italy100 Gbit/s

Sys-Admin solutions

Choose the right solution for your needs, or contact us for a free consultation

Cloud Server

Cloud Server

High-performance servers suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Cloud Dedicated Server

Cloud Dedicated Servers

Server with dedicated resources, suitable for high volumes of traffic and computing.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers to manage power and calculation in a single machine.

sys-Admin case study

How can sys-Admin be useful for your business?

I am a Freelance

I create websites and I would like to have a dedicated server without resource limits: no more costs per domain! Furthermore I would like to be able to count on concrete help in the implementation of my web solutions, server side.

I have a web-design agency

I would like to have a competent partner who would take care of managing all the technical part related to the supply of the final service and who would help me in solving problems related to server-side programming.

I have a trading company

It would be great to be able to sell web services to my clients, but to date I don't know who to turn to; I would also like to offer my customers websites, ecommerce, apps, customized solutions.

These are some examples, we are able to support the business from freelance to large industry.

Do you still have doubts or concerns?

Contact us and we will explain why sys-Admin is essential for your business.