Analitica: Big Data

Analitica is the digitalCode section that deals with the collection and processing of statistical data in the Big data environment. The importance of having information relating to one's work has become a vital requirement for a business that is increasingly attentive to the evolution of the market. The numbers of Big Data are truly impressive, starting from that trillion francs of estimated value for the data of our digital lives, passing through the 44 trillion gigabytes of data expected for 2020, reaching up to 2.4 trillion PCs. , tablets and mobile phones sold in 2015. Analytics leads to significant advantages in many different areas, from airport management to sports, healthcare and large-scale distribution.

Analitica deep code

The "Analitica - deep code" area is the nerve center of the entire system, allowing final customization tailored to the customer's needs. The analytical data collection solution is customized for any data flow you want to collect, from simple usage statistics in a purely virtual environment, passing to e-commerce analysis up to the collection of industrial production data through IoT technology, without neglecting the obsolete systems, with data collection in analog-digital conversion.

The Analitica platform is created as a single solution for each customer: this allows for the collection and processing of data in real time in the smallest details on the past, present and future state of the company.

Analitica: the solution to "anticipate the future"!